Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pirates is on

Of course, ABC is owned by disney, so obviously pirates of the C. is going to be on. It's funny though. When pirates 2 came out, i dont recall them played pirates 1 on tv. It seems like it would have been the most logical move. I mean, what better way to get people to see a sequel, than to show them number 1. I imagine that the leading reason people dont see a sequel is because they never saw the original movie. I personally just never got around to seeing pirates 2, but only ecause everyone had already saw it and i was the only one who didnt. i I heard it wasnt as good as the first and didnt liveup to the hype. You can read more about the hype at non the less, i still want to see it because its not like it was bad. I was also told that it was more of a movie thats aim seemed to be setting up number 3. Hopefully number 3 will be awsome.


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